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Fig. 3

From: A novel anti-p21Ras scFv antibody reacting specifically with human tumour cell lines and primary tumour tissues

Fig. 3

Bioinformatics and immunoreactivity of the anti-p21Ras scFv. a Amino acid sequence of anti-p21Ras scFv with appropriate regions for framework and CDR residues, differing from the previously reported Y13-159 scFv and Y13-238 scFv. b 3D model of anti-p21Ras scFv generated by bioinformatics. Variable heavy chain (VH) and light chain (VL) regions of the antibody were connected by a single 15-amino acid linker (L, green). c Western blot detected anti-p21Ras scFv antibody-specific binding with p21Ras protein in the cells, where strong immunoreactivity was found in p21Ras-overexpressing tumour cell lines; however, weak immunoreactivity was observed in the normal cell line KMB17 with low p21Ras expression. d Immunohistochemistry revealed that anti-p21Ras scFv antibody exhibited strongly positive staining in human tumour cell lines and primary solid tumour tissues

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