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Fig. 2

From: A novel anti-p21Ras scFv antibody reacting specifically with human tumour cell lines and primary tumour tissues

Fig. 2

Preparation of anti p21Ras scFv. a Schematic diagram of scFv. The variable region of the heavy chain (VH) and the variable region of the light chain (VL) were combined with a polypeptide linker. b Construction of scFv gene. The 340 bp VH fragment and 325 bp VL fragment were amplified from the cDNA of the KGH-R1 hybridoma. This assembly reaction ultimately produces 750 bp of scFv. c The recombinant pCANTAB5E-scFv plasmid was digested into two fragments by Sfi I and Not I: 750 bp of scFv and 4472 bp of pCANTAB-5E vector. d The phage-ELISA showed that after three rounds of panning by H-p21Ras, K-p21Ras and N-p21Ras antigens, in turn, the number of output phages (unbound phages) was constant at 1 × 106 PFU/ml, whereas the number of input phage was constant at 1 × 109 PFU/ml

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