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Table 2 Model predictions in the absence of chemotherapy

From: Differences in predictions of ODE models of tumor growth: a cautionary example

Model Maximum Doubling Growth
  size time condition
Exponential \(\frac {\ln 2}{a}\) a>0
Mendelsohn \(\frac {\ln 2}{a}\) a>0
Logistic b \(\frac {\ln 2}{a}\) a>0
Linear \(\frac {b\ln 2}{a}\) \(\frac {a}{b}>0\)
Surface \(\frac {b^{\frac {1}{3}}\ln 2}{a}\) \(\frac {a}{b^{\frac {1}{3}}}>0\)
Gompertz bc \(\frac {\ln 2}{a\ln \left (\frac {b}{c}\right)}\) \(a\ln \left ({\frac {b}{c}}\right)>0\)
Bertalanffy \(\left (\frac {a}{b}\right)^{3}\) \({\frac {\ln 2}{a-b}}\) ab>0