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Fig. 3

From: Combined hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma (biphenotypic) tumors: clinical characteristics, imaging features of contrast-enhanced ultrasound and computed tomography

Fig. 3

cHCC-CC in a patient with cirrhosis related to chronic hepatitis B infection. AFP test was normal and CA19-9 elevated (50.3U/ml) in discordance with presumptive imaging findings in the patient. Unenhanced ultrasound shows a hyperchoic mass of 3.7 cm with hypoechoic halo (arrow) in right lobe of the liver (a). The mass displays heterogeneous hyperenhancemen in the arterial phase (b, 29 s after contrast agent injection) followed by slow washout in the portal phase (c, 110 s after injection, arrow) and mild washout (d, 179 s after injection, arrow) in the late phase on CEUS, resembling the enhancement pattern of HCC. Unenhanced CT scan reveals a hypodense mass in right lobe of the liver (e, arrow). The mass displays heterogeneous hyperenhancement in the arterial phase (f) and the portal phase (g) followed by washout in the late phase (h) on contrast-enhanced CT, resembling the enhancement pattern of HCC

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