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Fig. 7

From: MiRNA-146b-5p upregulates migration and invasion of different Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma cells

Fig. 7

Overexpression of SMAD4 decreases migration and invasion of BCPAP cells. Cells were transfected with pBabe-puro-Smad4-Flag and pBABE-puro plasmids (control) as described in the Methods section. a The SMAD4 gene expression was analyzed by qPCR. RPL19 gene expression was used for normalization. b, c Transwell migration (without basement membrane) and invasion (with basement membrane) assays were performed during 8 h. pBabe ø: BCPAP transfected with pBABE-puro plasmids; pBabe SMAD4: BCPAP transfected with pBabe-puro-Smad4-Flag. d For SMAD4 protein expression, 50 μg of total protein per sample were used. α -Tubulin expression was used for normalization. Statistically significant differences: * P< 0,01 (pBabe SMAD4 versus pBabe ø)

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