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Fig. 4

From: MiRNA-146b-5p upregulates migration and invasion of different Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma cells

Fig. 4

Inhibition of miR-146b-5p alter F-actin cytoskeleton distribution and cell morphology. Forty hours after transfection, cells were seeded upon glass coverslips (18 mm) without and with Matrigel® coating (10 μg/ml) and cultured for 8 h. After this period, cells were fixed, stained for F-actin (green) and nucleus (blue) and analyzed by confocal microscopy. Representative images of TPC-1 (a) and BCPAP cells (b) are shown. For both cell lines, control cells (TPC-1/BCPAP, Mock and Neg) are polarized and show one or two predominant lamellipodia, whereas cells with inhibition of miR-146b-5p (Anti-146B) show a higher number of smaller protrusions in different directions. TPC-1/BCPAP: cell, Mock: cell + transfection agent, Neg: cell + anti-miR negative control, Anti-146b: cell + anti-miR-146b. Bars: 10 μm

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