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Table 2 CTC detection and expression of the genes in CD45-depleted peripheral blood at levels higher than those of healthy donors

From: CXCR4-SDF-1 interaction potentially mediates trafficking of circulating tumor cells in primary breast cancer

Gene Number of positive samples % of positive samples
KRT19 20 13.6
TWIST1 a 4 2.7
SNAIL1 0 0.0
SLUG a 17 11.6
ZEB1 0 0.0
CTC_EP only 17 11.6
CTC_EMT only 17 11.6
CTC co-expressing both markersb 3 2.0
Any CTC 37 25.2
  1. aIn one patient sample, there was overexpression of two EMT-inducing TF gene transcripts (SLUG and TWIST1)
  2. bIn one sample there was co-overexpression of KRT19 and SLUG, while in other two samples there was co-overexpression of KRT19 and TWIST1