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Table 1 Binding affinity of ABT-700

From: Anti-c-Met monoclonal antibody ABT-700 breaks oncogene addiction in tumors with MET amplification

  ABT-700 (nM)
Biding to c-Met protein by ELISAa 0.22
Binding to cellular c-Met by FACSb  
 A549 0.23
 IM95 0.24
 SNU5 0.55
 EBC1 0.24
 MCF7 No binding
 MCF7-human c-Met 1.3
  1. aEC50 values were derived from an ELISA in which c-Met ECD was captured on the plate via a histidine tag. Value shown is averages of 6 experiments
  2. bEC50 values were derived from FACS analysis of ABT-700 on various cell lines. Values are representative of at least two experiments