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Table 1 Clinical-pathological characteristics of ICC patients

From: Establishment of a patient-derived intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma xenograft model with KRAS mutation

Tumor Primary/Recurrence HBV-HCV TNM Tumor size K-RAS mutation Smoking status
CHC-001 primary neg p T2b pN0 G2 40 mm KRAS G12A Yes
CHC-002 recurrence HBV pos r pT2b N0 G3 27 mm WT No
CHC-003 primary neg p T2 N1 G2 35 mm WT No
CHC-005 primary neg pT2b pN0 G3 90 mm WT Yes
CHC-006 primary neg pT2N0 G3 NA WT No
CHC-007 primary neg pT4 pN0 G3 70 mm WT No
CHC-009 primary neg pT2b pN0G2-G3 65 mm WT No
CHC-010 primary HCV pos pT2a pN0 G3 80 mm WT No
CHC-011 primary neg pT2b pN0 G3 45 mm WT Yes
CHC012 recurrence neg r pT2b G2 45 mm WT No
CHC013 primary HBV pos pT2a G3 NA WT No
CHC014 primary neg pT3 N1 G3 115 mm WT No
CHC015 primary neg p T2a pN1 G3 100 mm WT No
CHC017 recurrence neg r pT2a pN0 G2 25 mm WT No
CHC018 primary neg pT3 N1 G3 75 mm WT Yes
CHC019 primary neg pT2bN1 G3 15 mm WT No
CHC020 primary neg pT2b pN0 G2 110 mm WT No
  1. F Female, M Male, Neg negative, Pos positive, NA not available