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Table 4 Prognostic factors of survival after tumor relapse (“survival after relapse”) based on a multiple Cox regression model (n = 63 patients)

From: Chemotherapy with BCNU in recurrent glioma: Analysis of clinical outcome and side effects in chemotherapy-naïve patients

Variable   Hazard ratioa 95 % CI p-value
Age at 1st diagnosis per year 1.03 1.00–1.05 0.04
EOR CR vs. PR 0.76 0.41–1.40 0.64
TMZ at 1st diagnosis yes vs. no 0.32 0.15–0.71 0.005
Therapies other than BCNU at tumor recurrence yes vs. no 0.56 0.30–1.02 0.06
MGMT promoter methylation yes vs. no 0.89 0.51–1.53 0.66
BCNU yes vs. no 0.48 0.26–0.89 0.02
  1. aA hazard ratio <1 (>1) indicates an effect in favor of the first (second) group
  2. CI confidence interval, EOR extent of resection, CR complete resection, PR partial resection/biopsy