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Table 1 (A) List of deregulated miRNAs identified in tonsillar cancers. These miRNAs demonstrate a two-fold change from normal tonsillar tissue. (B) ΔΔG free energy value, which can be used to evaluate target site accessibility. This value was determine using the PITA algorithm ( for the first 789 bp 3’UTR of PDCD4

From: Regulation of the tumour suppressor PDCD4 by miR-499 and miR-21 in oropharyngeal cancers

MicroRNA Fold change
miR-372 4.82
miR-499 2.89
miR-18a 2.82
miR-200c 2.69
miR-130a 2.59
miR-21 2.29
miR-30d 2.21
miR-409-5p 2.14
miR-20a 2.12
let-7c 0.45
miR-198 0.40