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Fig. 4

From: Regulation of the tumour suppressor PDCD4 by miR-499 and miR-21 in oropharyngeal cancers

Fig. 4

a Expression of PDCD4 mRNA in HEK-293 cells overexpressing miR-21 or miR-499 alone or in combination. PDCD4-mRNA fold change values were expressed relative to control cells containing the Pre-miR control and calculated using the DeltaDelta Ct method for n = 3. b Protein expression of PDCD4 in the same HEK-293 cells described above. PDCD4 protein expression was reduced by miR-21 at 24 and 48 h but returns to basal levels by 72 and 96 h. In contrast, miR-499 decreases PDCD4 expression from 48 h thereafter. As expected the combination of both miRNAs reduce PDCD4 mRNA and protein expression from 24 h

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