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Fig. 6

From: Aberrant KDM5B expression promotes aggressive breast cancer through MALAT1 overexpression and downregulation of hsa-miR-448

Fig. 6

KDM5B induces the expression of MALAT1 and its effector metastasis-associated genes in TNBC cells. a, b TCGA illuminaHiSeq breast invasive carcinoma dataset analysis show similar KDM5B and MALAT1 gene expression levels and proportion in 1182 clinical samples probed. ce The effect of KDM5B knockdown on the expression of KDM5B or MALAT1 transcripts using quantitative RT-PCR. f Western blot of control, shKDM5B transfected, vector-generated mammospheres and shKDM5B-III transfected spheroid cells. Cellular lysates containing 20 μg of total protein were subjected to western blotting using the indicated antibodies. The data are representative of triplicate experiments. ***p < 0.001; 231 KDM5B II/III, shKDM5B infected MDA-MB-231 clone II/III cells; ShIII, shKDM5B infected MDA-MB-231 clone III cells; ShIII Sp, mammospheres generated from shKDM5B infected MDA-MB-231 clone III cells; Vec Sp, mammospheres generated from vector infected MDA-MB-231 cells

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