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Table 2 Mesothelioma-derived cell lines used in this study

From: HOX transcription factors are potential targets and markers in malignant mesothelioma

Cell line Source IC50 HXR9 (μM) Ref
Met-5a Normal mesothelium cells from pleural fluid 98 [34]
NCI-H28 Pleural effusion 18 ATCC
MSTO-211H Biphasic mesothelioma (fibroblast morphology) 28 [35]
NCI-H2052 Pleural effusion (epithelial morphology) 45 ATCC
NCI-H226 Squamous carcinoma; mesothelioma (epithelial morphology). This cell line was derived from non-small cell lung cancer, although it was subsequently found to have a number of mesothelioma-related properties, including the expression of mesothelin. 107 ATCC, [36]