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Table 1 HOX genes with potential oncogenic or tumor suppressor functions

From: HOX transcription factors are potential targets and markers in malignant mesothelioma

Gene O / S Evidence Reference
HOXA1 O Transforms non-malignant mammary epithelial cells [28]
HOXA9 O Key oncogene in leukemia [29]
HOXB3 O Pro-survival and proliferation gene in leukemia [29]
HOXB4 O Pro-survival and proliferation gene in leukemia [29]
HOXB5 O Transfection can immortalize fibroblast cells [21]
HOXB6 O Transfection can immortalize myelomonocytic cells [10]
HOXB9 O Promotes tumorogenesis in breast cancer [30]
HOXC4 O High expression in malignant prostate cells [31]
HOXA4 S Blocks spread of ovarian cancer cells [32]
HOXA5 S Identified as a tumor suppressor gene in breast ca [9]
HOXC8 S Expression inversely related to progression [33]
HOXC12 S Promotes cell differentiation in follicular lymphoma [22]
HOXD12 S Silenced in melanoma cells [23]
  1. O HOX gene with oncogenic activity, S HOX gene with tumor suppressor activity