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Fig. 6

From: High mannose-binding Pseudomonas fluorescens lectin (PFL) downregulates cell surface integrin/EGFR and induces autophagy in gastric cancer cells

Fig. 6

Enhanced sensitivity of cancer cells to anti-cancer drugs following PFL treatment. a Enhanced sensitivity of MKN28 cells to gefitinib following PFL treatment. Graphs display the viability of MKN28 cells treated with 2 μM PFL for 24 h, then incubated with various concentration of gefitinib for 72 h. Cell viability was determined by a conventional MTS assay. A representative experiment is shown. Effect of co-incubation of gefitinib with 0.5 μM PFL was evaluated (right panel) in the same manner. b Enhanced sensitivity of HT-29 Luc cells to 5-FU by PFL treatment. The cells were incubated with various concentration of 5-FU for 96 h in the presence or absence of 0.5 μM PFL. Histograms represent the cell viability as determined by CellTiter-Glo luminescent cell viability assay. Asterisks indicate values significantly different (p < 0.01) between PFL-treated and non-treated cells

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