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Fig. 5

From: High mannose-binding Pseudomonas fluorescens lectin (PFL) downregulates cell surface integrin/EGFR and induces autophagy in gastric cancer cells

Fig. 5

Involvement of RAB7 in PFL-induced EGFR degradation. a Western blots show the protein expression of RAB7 in MKN28 cells treated with PFL. The cells were incubated with 2 μM PFL in RPMI-1640 with FBS for the indicated time and protein expression was analyzed and quantified by immunoblotting. b Inhibition of EGFR degradation induced by PFL with RAB7 siRNA. MKN28 cells were incubated with various siRNAs against ATG9A, LC3, HSPB8, and RAB7 in RPMI-1640 without FBS for 24 h and subsequently incubated with 2 μM PFL in RPMI-1640 with FBS. As a reference, non-targeting control siRNA was used. Western blots show the EGFR expression for each sample (left panel) and the knock-down efficiency of each siRNA (right panel). The histogram (bottom panel) displays the quantified expression of EGFR from each condition; asterisks indicate values that were significantly different (p < 0.05) from control as revealed by one way ANOVA

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