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Fig. 4

From: High mannose-binding Pseudomonas fluorescens lectin (PFL) downregulates cell surface integrin/EGFR and induces autophagy in gastric cancer cells

Fig. 4

Involvement of ATG9 in PFL-induced intracellular trafficking of EGFR. a MKN28 cells were incubated with 10 μM PFL for 48 h. EGFR and ATG9 were visualized by confocal fluorescence microscopy. Representative photomicrographs show the cellular localization of EGFR (green) and ATG9 (red); colocalization of both proteins is represented as a yellow signal (merged panel). b Histograms represent the expression of ATG9 in MKN28 cells after 2 μM PFL treatment. Protein expression was determined by immunoblot analysis

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