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Fig. 1

From: Centrosome amplification induces high grade features and is prognostic of worse outcomes in breast cancer

Fig. 1

Centrosome amplification in breast cancer. a Representative single plane images of normal breast and breast cancer from the TMA taken using the 100x objective. Blue = DNA, green = pericentrin. Scale bar = 5 μm. b The average centrosome number per cell (as assessed by pericentrin staining) is significantly greater in breast tumors than in normal breast samples included in the TMA (p = 0.0012 from unpaired, two-tailed t-test). c The percentage of tumors with an average of > 2 centrosomes per cell is significantly greater than the percentage of normal breast samples with > 2 centrosomes per cell in the TMA (p = 0.049). d Scatterplot demonstrating the correlation between average centrosome number and proliferation, as assessed by Ki67 staining

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