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Fig. 4

From: LINE-1 silencing by retinoblastoma proteins is effected through the nucleosomal and remodeling deacetylase multiprotein complex

Fig. 4

Genotoxic injury in the absence of the RB proteins leads to markedly upregulated L1 expression. Wild type MEFs and two independent TKO MEF clones were grown in 10 cm plates to 90 % confluence and treated with either medium alone, 0.06 % DMSO vehicle or 3 μM B(a)P for 16 h. Total RNA was extracted, quantified and cDNA prepared from 1 μg of starting material. 5 μL of a 1:20 dilution of the cDNA synthesis reaction were employed in qPCR studies with primers against β actin or murine L1 ORF1. Relative quantitative analyses were done using the Livak method of DDCt. Each experiment was performed at least three independent times

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