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Table 1 Summary of lesions seen in patient 1 after starting sorafenib treatment November 2007

From: (Secondary) solid tumors in thyroid cancer patients treated with the multi-kinase inhibitor sorafenib may present diagnostic challenges

Date Lesion
February 2008 SCC on the back
Candida infection of the tongue
April 2008 Reactive epithelial skin lesion on the back without obvious atypia
Leukokeratosis of the tongue with atypia and inflammation
June 2008 Lesion with inverted follicular keratosis on the lower left leg
September 2009 Trichilemmoma of the nose
March 2010 Irritated verruca seborrhoica upper right leg
May 2010 Reactive epithelial hyperplasia of the tongue due to a candida infection
August 2011 Invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue
Multiple lymph node metastasis of the SCC in the neck region
December 2011 SCC lymph node metastasis in the left axilla