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Fig. 6

From: FRAX597, a PAK1 inhibitor, synergistically reduces pancreatic cancer growth when combined with gemcitabine

Fig. 6

FRAX597 and gemcitabine reduce PAK1 activity. Expression of phospho-PAK1 (pPAK1) and PAK1 was measured in PANC-1 (a), MiaPaCa-2 (b), BxPC-3 (c), Pan02 (d), and LM-P (e) cells in the presence of FRAX597 (FRAX), gemcitabine (Gem), or the combination of FRAX597 and gemcitabine (Gem + FRAX) using western blot. Variations in protein loading were corrected by GAPDH expression, and the values for untreated control cells were taken as 100 %. The data represent mean ± SEM, summarised from three independent experiments. ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001, compared to control or untreated cells. ~ p < 0.05, ~ ~ p < 0.01 compared to FRAX597 treatment

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