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Table 1 Lifestyle outcome measurements

From: Prevalence and correlates of healthy lifestyle behaviors among early cancer survivors

Behavior Questionnaire/example question Categories/scales Items Item-range Score-range
Physical Activitya IPAQ Short last 7 days self-administered format Walking 2   MET-min/week
Moderate intensive activity 2
Vigorous intensive activity 2
Smoking “Do you currently smoke?” Current smoking behavior 1 0-1 0-1
“Did you smoke in the past?” History of smoking (quit smoking before/ after cancer diagnosis) 1 0-1 0-1
Alcohol consumption Dutch standard questionnaire on alcohol consumption Number of days and glasses of alcohol on weekdays and weekends 4 0-6 0-4
Binge drinkingb 1 1-8 0-7
Vegetable and fruit consumptionc Dutch standard questionnaire on nutrition Number of servings fruit/vegetable (spoons, pieces, glasses) per day and number of days per week 9 1-9 0-7
  1. Note: IPAQ Short: International Physical Activity Questionnaire Short Form; MET: Metabolic Equivalent of Task
  2. a ≥ 600 MET-min/week corresponds to ≥ five days per week performing any combination of walking, moderate or vigorous physical activities
  3. b ≥ Six servings of alcohol during one day
  4. c Vegetable consumption was expressed in grams per day. The total score for fruit consumption was the number of servings of fruit per day (up to 100 g fruit may be replaced by fruit juice)