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Table 3 Summary of studies (including present study) researching PWC in RRSO among women with a BRCA mutation or a pedigree analysis that showed a chance >50 %

From: The lack of clinical value of peritoneal washing cytology in high risk patients undergoing risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy: a retrospective study and review

Study Number Median age (yr) (range) Median FU (mo) PWC sample available (n) Malignant PWC (n) Malignant PWC associated w/ ovarian/fallopian tube cancer (n) Benign PWC associated w/ovarian/fallopian tube cancer (n) Malignant PWC and PPC during RRSO Malignant PWC and PPC in FU (n) Malignant PWC not associated w/ovarian/fallopian tube cancer (n) Median age women w/malignant PWC (yr) Median FU women w/malignant PWC (mo)
Colgan et al. [12] 35 NA NA 35 3a 2a 1 0 0 1a NA NA
Leunen et al. [14] 51 45g 25 28 0 - 0 - - - - -
Eitan et al. [13]b 130 48 (33–78) 20 117 0 - 0 - - - - -
Haldar et al. [1] 113 52 (35–78) 34 110 2 2c 0 0c 0c 0 NA NA
Landon et al. [15] 116d NA NA 116d 0d 0d 9 0 - - NA NA
Chen et al. [11] 163 NA NA 163 6 6 6 0 0e 0 NA NA
Present study Blok et al. 471 48 56 267 4 4 7 0 0f 0 47.6 (SD, 8.5) 58
Total 1079    836 15 14 23 0 0 1   
  1. Abbreviation: NA not available, SD standard deviation
  2. a) In one of three patients with a malignant PWC, histopathology did not show any malignancy. No malignancy was detected at second-look laparotomy in peritoneal biopsies and PWC. The patient was treated with chemotherapy and there is no evidence of disease 10 months FU. b) This study also included patients for whom RRSO was indicated because of a personal history of breast cancer. c) The authors report that in total two women had a positive PWC, histological evidence of ovarian and/or fallopian tube cancer and histological evidence of PPC at time of RRSO. The authors of this article interpret these results as ovarian and/or fallopian tube cancer with peritoneal metastasis. d) One patient had a malignant PWC, but no malignancy at histopathology (confirmed by four cytopathologists). The patient was treated with chemotherapy for presumed PPC. At second-look laparotomy, peritoneal biopsies and PWC did not reveal any malignancy. The patient had no evidence of disease 118 months FU. Because of the doubtful diagnosis of PPC, this sample was not taken into account in this article. e) One patient with malignant PWC and histopathological evidence of ovarian and/or fallopian tube cancer, developed PPC at 47 months FU. Because of the previous ovarian and/or fallopian tube cancer in this patient, we would prefer to call this finding recurrence of disease instead of PPC. Another patient with benign PWC developed PPC or recurrence of ovarian carcinoma at 81 months FU. f) In this study, one patient developed PPC 80 months FU. At RRSO, there was no evidence of malignancy at histopathologic examination. There was no PWC sample available.
  3. g) mean age