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Fig. 1

From: Placental growth factor inhibition modulates the interplay between hypoxia and unfolded protein response in hepatocellular carcinoma

Fig. 1

PlGF inhibition tempers the activation of the UPR in an orthotopic mouse model of HCC. a Quantitative real-time PCR analysis of the ER chaperones Grp78, Grp94 and Pdia4 and Herpud1 in aPlGF-treated and PlGFKO mice. Relative fold changes were calculated using the ΔΔCT method. b Immunoblotting for UPR-mediated proteins. c Quantitative real-time PCR analysis of ER chaperones of Ire1-mediated splicing of Xbp1 and Ire1 targets Canx and Erdj4, d Perk-related genes Atf4, Chop and Gadd34. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001. IgG = 25w DEN + 5w IgG, aPlGF = 25w DEN + 5w aPlGF, WT = 30w DEN in wild type (WT) mice, PlGFKO = 30w DEN in PlGF−/− knockout mice. e Immunostaining for phospho-eIf2α in mouse livers following the indicated treatment. Scale bars: 100 μm

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