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Table 1 Prognostic factors for survival

From: Evaluation of KIF23 variant 1 expression and relevance as a novel prognostic factor in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Variable OS
  Univariate Multivariate
  p-value HR (95 % CI) p-value
Gender (Male versus Female) NS   NA
Age (≤55 vs. >55) NS   NA
Size (≤5 cm vs. >5 cm) 0.0186   NS
TNM stage (I, II vs. III, IV) 0.0040 1.502 (1.121-2.014) 0.0059
KIF23 V2 (≤60 vs. >60) NS   NA
KIF23 V1 (negative vs. positive) 0.0097   NS
  1. Univariate analysis: χ2 test
  2. Multivariate analysis: Cox proportional hazards regression model
  3. Abbreviations: OS Overall survival, HR Hazard Ratio, CI confidence interval, TNM tumor-node-metastasis, NA not adopted, NS not significant