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Table 1 Cell line and tumour sample nomenclature and information

From: Consistent gene expression profiles in MexTAg transgenic mouse and wild type mouse asbestos-induced mesothelioma

Nomenclature Mouse type Cell line TAg copy No. cell lines arrayed Median passage No. (range)
WTtu C57Bl/6 J Wild type mesothelioma None 6 5.5 (3–8)
WTn C57Bl/6 J Normal mesothelial cells None 2 3.5 (3–4)
sTAgtu MexTAg transgenic TAg mesothelioma Single copy 3 3 (2–6)
intTAgtu MexTAg transgenic TAg mesothelioma Intermediate copy (32) 3 2 (2–4)
loTAgtua MexTAg transgenic TAg mesothelioma Combined single and intermediate copy tumour samples (6) As above 2 rows
hiTAgtu MexTAg transgenic TAg mesothelioma High copy (100) 6 3 (3–4)
hiTAgn MexTAg transgenic Normal TAg mesothelial cells High copy (100) 2 3 (3–4)
Htub Human Primary tissue - 5 cases n/a
Hnb Human Non malignant tissue - 6 cases n/a
  1. Footnotes
  2. n indicates normal mesothelial cells, tu indicates a malignant mesothelioma cell line
  3. adata set is a combination of sTAGtu and intTAgtu, therefore not in cluster analysis (see Results section)
  4. bRoe et al. [22]