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Table 2 Detailed characteristics and outcome of the 11 LCH patients included in the study

From: High efficacy of the MACOP-B regimen in the treatment of adult Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a 20 year experience

Patient N° Disease type (SS-m vs MS) Response after MACOP-B Relapse/Progression DFS/PFS Status
1 SS-m CR No 144+ Alive (CR)
2 MS PR Yes 8 Dead (PD)
3 SS-m CR Yes 62 Dead (PD)
4 MS CR No 228+ Alive (CR)
5 SS-m CR No 216+ Alive (CR)
6 MS PR Yes 5 Alive (II CR, +66 m after ASCT)
7 SS-m CR No 96+ Alive (CR)
8 MS CR No 47+ Alive (CR)
9 MS CR No 32+ Alive (CR)
10 SS-m CR No 24+ Alive (CR)
11 SS-m PR Yes 6 Alive (PD, ASCT ongoing)
  1. N number, SS-m single system multifocal, MS multisystem, CR complete response, PR partial response, PD progressive disease, DFS disease-free survival, PFS progression-free survival, m months, ASCT autologous stem cell transplant