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Table 1 Benzofuroxan compounds and derivatives

From: Benzofuroxan derivatives N-Br and N-I induce intrinsic apoptosis in melanoma cells by regulating AKT/BIM signaling and display anti metastatic activity in vivo

Compound R1 R2 R3 Compound R1 R2 R3
1 H H H 13 N(CH3)2 H H
2 CH3 H H 14 n-C4H9 H H
3 NH2 H H 15 tert-C4H9 H H
4 OH H H 16 OC3H7 H H
5 F H H 17 Cl H Cl
6 CN H H 18 Cl Cl H
7 CH2CH3 H H 19 CF3 H H
8 OCH3 H H 20 OC4H9 H H
9 Cl H H 21 Br H H
10 COCH3 H H 22 SO2NH2 H H
11 n-C3H7 H H 23 I H H
12 Iso-C3H7 H H