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Table 4 Characteristics of patients who survived greater than 12 months

From: Phase II trial of selective internal radiation therapy and systemic chemotherapy for liver-predominant metastases from pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Patient Stage at diagnosisa Status of primary tumour Site of metastases PFS in the liver (months) PFS (months) Survival (months) Site of first disease progression
Patient 1 Tx Primary in situ Liver only 6.5 6.5 16.2 Liver
Patient 2 T2 Prior resection Liver only 17.7 16.3 17.7 Pleural effusion
Patient 3 T3 Prior resection Liver and lymph nodes 8.5 8.5 19.5 Liver
  1. aAccording to United Network for Organ Sharing staging criteria