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Fig. 6

From: Association of activated Gαq to the tumor suppressor Fhit is enhanced by phospholipase Cβ

Fig. 6

The binding regions of Fhit and PLCβ on activated Gαq surface. Molecular surface of activated Gαq was modeled based on the crystal structures of activated Gαq and PLCβ3 (PDB: 4GNK). a The location of the Fhit-interacting α2-β4 regions (Gly208-Asp243, purple) relative to the other domains (white) on Gαq is illustrated. b The contact interface of activated Gαq with PLCβ3 is highlighted in yellow. c Overlapped binding regions of PLCβ and Fhit on activated Gαq is shown in green. d PLCβ increases the interaction between Gαq and Fhit. Gαq does not enhance the interaction between PLCβ and Fhit. And Fhit is unable to strengthen the association of Gαq and PLCβ

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