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Table 1 List of antibodies

From: The autophagy GABARAPL1 gene is epigenetically regulated in breast cancer models

Antibody Application Dilution Manufacturer Ref
GABARAP/GABARAPL1 WB 1:3000 (Millipore, France) #AB15278
GABARAPL2 WB 1:1000 (Proteintech, France) #18727-AP
ACTIN WB 1:3000 (Sigma-Aldrich, France) #A5060
CREB-1 IF/ChIP 1:50/1 μg (Santa-Cruz Biotechnology, France) #sc-374227
DNMT1 ChIP 1 μg (Active Motif, Belgium) #39204
HDAC1 ChIP 1 μg (Active Motif, Belgium) #40967