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Fig. 2

From: The autophagy GABARAPL1 gene is epigenetically regulated in breast cancer models

Fig. 2

Detection of DNA methylation in GABARAP family promoters a Global DNA methylation quantification in BC and non tumoral biopsies using methylFlash ELISA kit. b Scheme describing the GABARAP family gene promoter structure (Methprimer) and primer localization. c Left: Descriptive of GABARAP family gene methylation using methylCollector kit ; right : examples of methylation signal observed using GABARAPL1 MC2 primers. White : absence of signal of methylation; black : signal of methylation. d Correlations (Spearman test) between expression and methylation of GABARAP, GABARAPL1 and GABARAPL2 genes. NT: non tumoral, ER +/−: status of expression of estrogen receptor α, PR+/−: status of expression of progesterone receptor, HER+/−: status of expression of Human epidermal growth factor receptor; I-III: BC grade

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