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Fig. 3

From: Expression of Oct3/4 and Nanog in the head and neck squamous carcinoma cells and its clinical implications for delayed neck metastasis in stage I/II oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma

Fig. 3

Proliferation, migration, and invasion activity of SP and MP cells. a: An in vitro cell proliferation assay was conducted using the SCC4 cells that exhibited the highest percentage of SP cells. The data of the SP and MP cells were separately presented as the fold increase in the respective OD values of the absorbance measured at 450 nm compared to those measured on day 1. b and c: An in vitro migration assay (b) and Matrigel invasion assay (c) were conducted using the SCC4 cells. Top graphs: the data were presented as the fold difference between the SP and MP cells in the number of migrated or invaded cells. The values represent the mean ± standard deviation. Bottom panels: the representative microscopic photographs from each assay are displayed

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