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Table 2 The ICER in terms of $/LYs or $/QALYs of a Screening Strategy from the Other Competing Strategies

From: Cost-effectiveness simulation and analysis of colorectal cancer screening in Hong Kong Chinese population: comparison amongst colonoscopy, guaiac and immunologic fecal occult blood testing

Strategya ICER Biennial G-FOBT Annual G-FOBT Colonoscopy every 10 years Biennial I-FOBT Annual I-FOBT
No Screening $/LYs 37,985 41,688 22,913 19,838 20,542
  $/QALYs 5240 5871 3622 2976 3155
Biennial G-FOBT $/LYs   48,461 10,154 5657 10,747
  $/QALYs   7096 1831 911 1763
Annual G-FOBT $/LYs    Dominanceb Dominanceb Dominanceb
Colonoscopy every 10 years $/LYs     Dominanceb 11,916
  $/QALYs     1659
Biennial I-FOBT $/LYs      23,742
  $/QALYs      4087
  1. Note: G-FOBT, Guaiac fecal occult blood testing; I-FOBT, immunologic fecal occult blood testing; ICER, Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio
  2. aSort by ascending order of effectiveness
  3. bAnnual G-FOBT was dominated by colonoscopy every 10 years and I-FOBT every 1 or 2 year(s) whereas colonoscopy every 10 years was dominated by biennial I-FOBT