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Fig. 3

From: Improving immunological tumor microenvironment using electro-hyperthermia followed by dendritic cell immunotherapy

Fig. 3

Inhibition of tumor growth and rechallenge inoculation. a Mice in different groups were injected with 5 × 105 CT26 tumor cells (subcutaneously) in right femoral area on day zero and treated with mEHT on day 14, before receiving DC injection on day 15. Data obtained from each mouse after tumor-cell inoculation (n = 7) were plotted. b A secondary rechallenge with CT26 tumor cells was administered to mice 30 days after first injection with DC alone or following mEHT or mEHT-DC therapy. Contra-lateral flanks of mice in treated groups and untreated control BALB/c mice were inoculated subcutaneously (1 × 105 parental CT26 cells). Percentage of mice that developed tumors at contra-lateral site was obtained using Kaplan–Meier method. (n = 7 mice per group.)

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