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Table 1 Details of studies on the relationship between MDT discussion and outcome in patients with colorectal cancer

From: Do Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) processes influence survival in patients with colorectal cancer? A population-based experience

Author Country Setting Period Patients Comparison Factors significant in MVA Survival outcome HR death any cause (95 % c.i.)
Ye China Hospital-based 1999–2006 after radical resection for colorectal cancer before MDT introduced in 2002 (n = 297) cf. after MDT (n = 298) MDT, Age, Differentiation, Number of nodes examined, Stage OS 0.62 (0.46 to 1.48)
Du China Hospital-based 2001–2005 with resectable locally advanced rectal cancer contemporaneous patients; n = 101 were evaluated by MDT members and were treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy; n = 162 were not evaluated EMVI, pre-treatment CEA, pathological TNM stage OS, DFS 0.88 (0.52 to 1.48)
Lordan England Hospital-based 1996–2006 with hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer who were referred for liver surgery those who were referred by a team which contained a HPB surgeon (n = 108); those who were referred by teams lacking a HPB surgeon (n = 223) recurrence, septicaemia, pre-operative chemotherapy, referral via team with HPB surgeon, macroscopic invasion of diaphragm OS, DFS 0.85 (0.60 to 1.19)
McDermid Scotland Surgeon-based 1997–2005 with resected colorectal cancers (excluding Dukes’A) before MDT introduced in 2002 (n = 176) cf. after MDT (n = 134) Age, stage, MDT OS 0.73 (0.54 to 0.99)
Palmer Sweden Regional 1995–2004 with rectal cancer invading into adjacent organs 3 groups 1) n = 65 discussed at MDT appropriately staged 2) n = 99 appropriately staged not discussed at MDT 3) n = 139 not appropriately staged (whether or not discussed at MDT) Age OS (CSS for MVA) 0.95 (0.62 to 1.45)
Wille-Jorgensen Denmark Hospital 2001–2006 Rectal cancer Before MDT introduced (n = 467) c.f.after MDT introduced (n = 344) No MVA OS 0.94 (0.79 to 1.12)
  1. OS Overall Survival, DFS Disease-free Survival, CSS Cause-specific survival, MVA Multivariate Analysis, EMVI Extramural vascular invasion, HPB Hepatobiliary, CEA Carcinoembryonic antigen, HR Hazard ratio (event is death and comparator is no MDT discussion)