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Fig. 2

From: Enhancement of Cetuximab-Induced Radiosensitization by JAK-1 Inhibition

Fig. 2

Immunoblot analyses revealed that the phosphophorylation of STAT-3 was significantly reduced with the dual treatment of cetuximab and JAK1i as compared to either individual agent alone. UM-SCC-1, UM-SCC-5, STAT-3 knockdown cells (STAT3-2.4) and control transfected cells (NEG4.17) were treated with cetuximab (5 μg/ml) and/or JAK1i (1 μM) for either 8 or 24 h with or without 5 mins of exposure to EGF (60 ng/ml) and subsequently assessed as described in the methods section. Protein lysates were subjected to SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis for STAT-3, p-STAT-3(Tyr705) and p-STAT-3(Ser727). GAPDH was used to control for loading variability. Representative immunoblots for the UM-SCC-1 cells assessed at 8 h a and 24 h b are shown. Representative immunoblots for the remaining cell lines are shown for the 24 h time point c

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