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Fig. 1

From: Health related quality of life after oesophagectomy: elderly patients refer similar eating and swallowing difficulties than younger patients

Fig. 1

HRQL in older (black) and younger (grey) patients at admission, at discharge and at 3 months after surgery. Legend: Estimates of selected EORTC aspects (with 95 % Confidence Intervals) as calculated by linear mixed-effect models, adjusting for time, Charlson Comorbidity Index, neoadjuvant therapy, tumour stage, gender, histology, tumour site and complications.. A significant group-by-time interaction (p < 0.01) in OES18 trouble swallowing saliva, OES18 choking when swallowing and OES18 eating suggested more problems in older patients than younger ones at admission, but not at discharge and at 3 months after surgery. C30 global quality of life did not change over time (p = 0.57)

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