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Table 2 Memorial Sloan Kettering Regression Schema

From: Organ Preservation in Rectal Adenocarcinoma: a phase II randomized controlled trial evaluating 3-year disease-free survival in patients with locally advanced rectal cancer treated with chemoradiation plus induction or consolidation chemotherapy, and total mesorectal excision or nonoperative management

  Complete Response Near Complete Response Incomplete Response
Endoscopy Flat, white scar Telangiectasia No ulcer No nodularity Irregular mucosa Small mucosal nodules or minor mucosal abnormality Superficial ulceration Mild persisting erythema of the scar Visible tumor
Digital Rectal Exam Normal Smooth induration or minor mucosal abnormalities Palpable tumor nodules
MRI-T2W Only dark T2 signal, no intermediate T2 signal Mostly dark T2 signal, some remaining intermediate signal More intermediate than dark T2 signal, no T2 scar
No visible lymph nodes Partial regression of lymph nodes No regression of lymph nodes
MRI-DW No visible tumor on B800-B1000 signal Significant regression of signal on B800-B1000 Insignificant regression of signal on B800-B1000
Lack of or low signal on ADC map Uniform, linear signal in wall above tumor is ok Minimal or low residual signal on ADC map Obvious low signal on ADC map