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Table 1 Synthesised guidelines for treatment of cervical cancer cases

From: Effect of changes in treatment practice on survival for cervical cancer: results from a population-based study in Manitoba, Canada

  Recommended treatment
FIGO stage Consensus guidelinesa [12, 19] (applicable to 1998) Synthesised evidence-based guidelines [47, 11] (applicable from 1999 onwards)
IA1 Total hysterectomy, conisation, radical hysterectomyb, radiotherapyc Total hysterectomy, conisation, radiotherapy
IA2 Radical hysterectomy, total hysterectomy, radiotherapyc Radical hysterectomy, total hysterectomyd, trachelectomy, radiotherapyc
≤4 cm Radical hysterectomy, radiotherapy Radical hysterectomy, radiotherapy,
Radical hysterectomy + adjuvant radiotherapy (chemo-radiotherapy)
>4 cm Radical hysterectomy, radical hysterectomy + adjuvant radiotherapy Radical hysterectomy, chemo-radiotherapy,
Radical hysterectomy + adjuvant radiotherapy(chemo-radiotherapy)
IIB-IVA Chemo-radiotherapy, radiotherapy Chemo-radiotherapy
IVB Radiotherapy (curative/palliative), chemotherapy Radiotherapy (curative/palliative), chemotherapy, chemo-radiotherapy
  1. aDevelopment of consensus guidelines is a long process and we assumed that the evidence supporting the decision was available before the guidelines were published. Therefore, we measured concordance up to 1998 based on consensus guidelines published up to 2000
  2. bRadical hysterectomy was used if there was lymph-vascular permeation on the cone biopsy
  3. cRadiotherapy was used if medically inoperable
  4. dTotal hysterectomy was used if there was no lympho-vascular permeation on the cone biopsy