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Fig. 4

From: The transcription factor ERG increases expression of neurotransmitter receptors on prostate cancer cells

Fig. 4

Treatment of LnCaP-ERG cells with nicotine enhances cell growth rate, calcium flux and phosphorylation of GSK-3β. a LNCaP cells transfected with ERG or a control Vector were treated with nicotine and growth analysed by cell imaging cytometry. b Calcium Flux in cells treated with nicotine. LNCaP cells were stained with Fluo-4 AM. Cells were then treated with nicotine and Calcium determined by flow cytometry. c Phospho-protein analysis of nicotine treated cells. Protein was extracted from LNCaP-ERG or LNCaP vector cells treated with nicotine, epinephrine or glutamate and analyzed by Pathscan (c) and Western Blot (d)

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