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Fig. 6

From: Selective repression of RET proto-oncogene in medullary thyroid carcinoma by a natural alkaloid berberine

Fig. 6

Cellular effects mediated by RET expression in TT cells. a MTT assay for TT cells, treated with an increasing concentration of berberine for 96 h to determine the cell viability. b The phosphorylation status of Akt, MEK1/2 and ERK1/2 were determined in TT cells following the exposure with different concentrations of berberine. c The Bcl-2 and the Capsase-3 activity in TT cells were determined in the presence of increasing concentrations of berberine. d FACS analysis of TT cells treated with various concentrations of berberine for 48 h. Data are mean +/−s.e.m of three separate experiments. e Western Blot analysis to determine the protein expression of pRb, p-pRb, E2F1, Cyclin E in TT cells

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