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Fig. 3

From: Selective repression of RET proto-oncogene in medullary thyroid carcinoma by a natural alkaloid berberine

Fig. 3

Effect of berberine on RET expression in both the TT and TPC1 cell lines. a Effect of berberine on the RET mRNA expression in TT cells after 24 and 48 h treatments at various concentrations. b RET protein expression in TT cells were determined by western blotting after the 24 and 48 h exposure to increasing concentrations of berberine. c Effect of berberine on the RET/PTC1 mRNA expression in TPC1 cells was determined following 24 h exposure with various concentrations of berberine. d Protein expression levels of VEGF and c-MYC in TT cells in the presence of berberine at various concentrations and exposed up to 48 h

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