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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate regression analysis showing the independent determinants of the expression of MGMT (n = 46)

From: Expression profiling of O6 methylguanine-DNA-methyl transferase in prolactinomas: a correlative study of promoter methylation and pathological features in 136 cases

  Univariate Multivariate
Independent variables OR P value OR (95 % Cls) P value
Age 1.104 0.014 1.127 (1.027–1.236) 0.012
Gender 1.651 0.389   
Ki-67 index 2.321 0.237   
p53 staining 0.171 0.036 0.116 (0.018–0.761) 0.025
  1. Except for sex and Ki-67, variables with a P value of <0.05 in the univariate regression analysis were included in the multivariate model. Only significant P values are shown in the multivariate model