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Fig. 4

From: Protein Kinase A-induced tamoxifen resistance is mediated by anchoring protein AKAP13

Fig. 4

AKAP13 is required for tamoxifen-driven gene expression in PKA-activated cells. a Activation of the PKA pathway by shRNA-PKA-RIα. Western blot analysis of ERαS305P, ERα, phospho-CREB and PKA-RIα. Actin was used as loading control. b PKA-RIα knockdown gives rise to tamoxifen resistance. Control (white) or PKA-RIα knockdown (black) cells were used. An MTT assay was performed after cells were seeded in hormone-deprived medium (t = 0) and cultured for a week in the absence or presence of tamoxifen. Error bars indicate SD values from six independent measurements. c RT-QPCR analyses for Control (left) or shPKA-RIα (right) cells. Cells were hormone-deprived and transfected with siCntrl (white) or siAKAP13 (black). Three days after transfection, cells were incubated with estradiol (E2), tamoxifen (Tam), Fulvestrant (ICI) or DMSO control (veh). Expression levels of XBP-1 (top) and TFF1 (bottom) were analysed. Error bars indicate SD values from 3 independent measurements

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