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Table 1 Performance objectives for the program outcome “Reduce cancer-related fatigue”

From: The Kanker Nazorg Wijzer (Cancer Aftercare Guide) protocol: the systematic development of a web-based computer tailored intervention providing psychosocial and lifestyle support for cancer survivors

PO 1 Manage daily tasks efficiently
PO 1.1 Alternate mental and physical activities
PO 1.2 Take small moments of rest divided over the day
PO 1.3 Take adequate measures so not to exceed personal limits
PO 1.4 Say “no” to a request when it is too much to handle
PO 1.5 Make a structured plan of daily activities
PO 2 Turn non-helpful thoughts about fatigue into helpful thoughts
PO 2.1 Recognize common non-helpful thoughts about fatigue
PO 2.2 Identify personal non-helpful thoughts
PO 2.3 Generate helpful thoughts
PO 2.4 Replace non-helpful thoughts with helpful thoughts
PO 2.5 Implement personal strategies to cope with rumination
PO 2.6 Use relaxation or mindfulness techniques
PO 3 Take sleep hygiene measures
PO 3.1 Identify the type of sleeping problem one is experiencing
PO 3.2 Go to bed and get out of bed at set times every day of the week
PO 3.3 Take care of optimal sleeping conditions
PO 3.4 Identify behaviors that interfere with sleep and replace these with helpful behaviors
PO 3.5 Use relaxation or mindfulness techniques