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Fig. 1

From: Tumor-associated macrophages in oral premalignant lesions coexpress CD163 and STAT1 in a Th1-dominated microenvironment

Fig. 1

CD68+, CD80+, and CD163+ cells in oral normal mucosa and leukoplakia. Immunoreactivity against anti-CD68 (a-c), anti-CD80 (d-f), and anti-CD163 (g-i) in normal oral mucosa (a, d, g) and moderate grades (b, c, e, f, h, i) of oral leukoplakia (original magnification: A,B,D,E,G,H × 100, scale bar = 100 μm; C, F, I, ×400, scale bar = 30 μm). Percentages of CD68+ (j), CD80+ (k), and CD163+ (l) cells for various histological grades of leukoplakia are shown. Data are expressed as box plots indicating the maximum, median, and minimum values. Statistically significant differences were observed in CD163+ cells in the mild to moderate and moderate grades of leukoplakia compared to cases without dysplasia. (*p < 0.05, Dunn test)

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