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Fig. 4

From: Matrix metalloproteases as maestros for the dual role of LPS- and IL-10-stimulated macrophages in cancer cell behaviour

Fig. 4

IL-10-stimulated macrophages promote cancer cell angiogenic response in the chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay. a Representative images of the CAM showing AGS cell inoculation area (ring delimited). A control with AGS and RPMI (AGS + RPMI) was always included in each egg (20 X magnification), next to the inoculation site of AGS with CM from LPS- (AGS + CM(LPSmac)) or IL-10-stimulated (AGS + CM(IL-10mac)) macrophages. b Quantification of the number of new blood vessels grown towards each inoculation area (only vessels <20 μm diameter were counted). This quantification is compared with the control condition (AGS + RPMI) present at each egg (ratio between the vessel number in the test condition and the vessel number in the control condition). Bars represent mean values obtained with 18 eggs for AGS + CM(LPSmac), and 16 eggs for AGS + CM(IL-10mac) and flags indicate standard error mean *, significantly different at p <0.05

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