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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for participation in the quantitative study arm

From: Early Palliative Care—Health services research and implementation of sustainable changes: the study protocol of the EVI project

Inclusion criteria:
1. Initial diagnosis of a metastatic, incurable cancer (ICD 10 C 1–80 plus ICD 10 C 78–79) occurred within the last eight weeks, particularly:
  - non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) without epidermal growth factor (EFGR) mutations: met. NSCLC Stage IV – ICD C34.[01239] + metastasis code or C34.8 (multiple subdomains) + possibly M8012/3 (large cell carcinoma)
  - met. esophageal carcinoma Stage IV – ICD C15.[123459] + metastasis code or C15.8 (multiple subdomains) + possibly M8070/3 (squamous cell carcinoma)
  - met. stomach carcinoma Stage IV - ICD C16.[01234569] + metastasis code or C16.8 (multiple subdomains) + possibly M8145/3 (adenocarcinoma, diffuse)
  - non-endocrine pancreas carcinoma Stage IV - ICD C25.[012379] + metastasis code or C25.8 (multiple subdomains) + possibly M8971/3 (pancreas blastoma)
  - center-specific tumor entities
2. Age ≥ 18 years
3. Ability to understand written and verbal questions in German
4. Willingness to participate in the study
5. Informed consent
Exclusion criteria:
1. Other hemato-oncological disease (e.g. leukemia)
2. Dementia
3. Psychosis/delirium
4. Major depression